Álvaro Peña



Álvaro Peña is a Murcian artist who has exhibited practically in all the national geography, and his works can be seen in places as different as Lithuania, Italy, United States, Portugal, France or Romania. 

He studied Political Science and Sociology at the Complutense University of Madrid and is the youngest member of the Royal Academy of Alfonso X the Wise, starting at a very early age in this world, within which, almost in an innate way, he has developed his creation in the most diverse artistic disciplines, of multifaceted nature, we could say that his profile is that of an artist with an infinite intellectual and creative restlessness, so we can find video art, sculpture, painting, comic or graphic humor signed by him. In 2011, he was selected to the Fundación Inocente, inocente (Madrid); in 2012, he won the Institutional Prize for Solidarity. FEBHI (Madrid); and in 2013, Prize Art and Culture Ruralmur (Murcia). as well as in 2015 and 2016 he has been selected in the Eureka International Contemporary Art Prize, which is celebrated in Italy.

His works can be found in institutions and collections both private and public in Spain and Italy




La Dama de Wow
Bronce y aluminio