Juan Antonio Marín Martínez


He was born in the town of Cazorla in Jaén in 1965.

He considers himself a versatile plastic artist who awakens early his interest in art and experimental morphological science (forming him in the observation of nature and its forms), finding his constant scientific-artistic evolution, fruit of whose concerns will be born a series of deeply vitalist creations.

Its beginnings are linked to the creation of scientific and pictorial illustration. This has not been detached and pervades almost the entirety of his work. It will be a constant in his production, the theoretical foundation in a complex and elaborate discourse, which gives conceptualism to his works. Within the creative process that brings each work, it highlights the evolution of the definitive idea in artistic creation, submitting their creations to a process of reflection, always in constant search of the essence of an idea and how to transmit it. This vital and personal mode of exploration, creation and expression of concepts, has led us to consider in it a reference from the first moments of its production, in which the depth of its reflections on the human being and essence of its existence is developed.




Cruzando al infinito