Teo San José

Born 31 January 1958

Is a sculptor, painter, art therapist and writer. He created the Seeds for Peace to the World Foundation. He has also created the concept of Urban Plastic-Aesthetic Interventions applied to monumental public sculptures.

Is Art the human capacity that is able to transfer the perceptions of the Soul to the senses?

When we open our eyes, our mind and perceptions to a sculpture we enter into an intimate space; a path that leads us to the emptiness of the mind to touch our deepest being. It is not necessary to understand, only to feel the life that the work of art has. It is a profound and personal experience.



2017 – Fundación Frax. Alicante. Spain
2008 – Spanish Embassy. London. U.K.
2007 – “Sculpture Forecourt”. R.B.S.of Sculptors, London. U.K.
2006 – Gallery AVIMA, Alicante, Spain.
2004 – Bank “Volksbank”, Hannover, Germany
2004 – Burgwedel Town Hall, Hannover, Germany
2002 Espace Saint Louis Center, Cholet, France
2000 – Center “Art L’Estacio”, Alicante, Spain
1997 – Gallery “Exit”. Geneva, Switzerland
1997 – Gallery “Aparte”, Lausanne, Switzerland
1994 – Spanish Consulate, Geneva, Switzerland


2012 – Paralax. N.Y. EEUU.
2011 – Exhibition « Grove ». London. U.K.
2010 – Gallery Manuel Chacón, México.
2009 – Sculpture Park. North Yorshire. U.K
2009 – Art Contat. Cambridge. U.K
2008 – Sculpture In Paradise. Chichester’s Cathedral, U.K.
2006 – Royal Academy Of Arts. Summer Exhibition. London.U.K
2006 – Salon de Printemps. Romorantin. France.
2005 – Affordable Art Fair. London. U. K.
2005 – Salon Européen D’Art Contemporain. Chouzy-Sur- Cisse. France
2002 – Elected by The International Jury to represent Spain at “The Paris International Contemporary Art”. Paris, France.
2001 – Represented Spain at the Florence, Italy’s International Contemporary Art Biennale. Italy.


2014 – Symposium International Sculpture of Cyprus.
2009 – Honorable Award. Art Now. “Artoteque” in London.U.K
2007 – “Sculpture Forecourt” by the Royal British Society of Sculptors London. U.K.
1991 – 5th. “Concurso Nacional de Diseño” by the Industry Department, Madrid, Spain


Portal del viento